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The EXECUpreneur's EDGE Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

I am at a loss...

A loss for how "nutritional advice" became such a train wreck.  But is a train wreck of epic proportions! 

When money started swapping hands in the spirit of "research", we went off the tracks.  (Alright, enough with the locomotive train of thought...)

The issue at hand is that this one man, whom I introduce in this podcast, was able to single handedly derail our collective relationship to food.  (One more train reference snuck in; I couldn't help it!)

Real food is food that was once alive, not the stuff most people consume in the name of "food".  Real food grew on a stem, vine, tree or in the ground.  Or it walked around on hooves or feet...or maybe it swam or flew.  No matter the means by which it grew or moved around, it was full of life energy before it ended up on your fork. 

When the man I am about to introduce you to came on the nutrition scene, in my opinion, he single-handedly changed the way we eat.  He published a landmark "study" that people ate up as if it was gospel.  And anyone who dared question his "research" was professionally vilified, by this nutrition thug and his cronies. 

I could go on and on...

I'll catch you up to speed in this episode.  Take a deep centering breath and let's do this!