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The EXECUpreneur's EDGE Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

A couple of these Qs are reeeeeal juicy...and they deserve your reeeeal answers.  Not the ones your Momma told you you should give.  Not the ones society told you you should accept with grace.  And certainly not the one you chose “to be safe”.  Now I’m all for having a safety net, minimum acceptable requirements, and all that practical stuff.  In fact, yours truly probably shhhhould have prioritized those things a little more.  

But this episode is not about is about you.  

It is about YOU uncovering that inner drive that makes you leap out of bed, for purpose is by far the best alarm clock ever invented!  

How DO you find your purpose and passion?  

You start by actively writing out your soul’s answers to these 10 Qs! 

Today's episode is interactive.  I’m going to walk alongside you.  I’ll keep time (we do one minute per question)...this is so you are free to focus on simply answering from your soul.  Don’t overthink any answer.  Just write.  Cryptic answers will suffice.  No editing.  No “What Would So & So Do”?  No "What Would So & So Say"?  This is all you…

Grab some paper and a pen/pencil (which is best for neurological purposes), or fire up your laptop/tablet, then find yourself a place in which you can be uninterrupted for 15-20 minutes.  Get comfy, then hit play.  

Now don’t put this off for a better time.  Let's be real, that time will never really come, will it?  Now is all we really have, so TIA it!  Remember Step 1 of anything in life is, and always will be TIA...Take Immediate Action.  No matter what module of the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE we are unpacking, taking immediate action is key!  

I’ve included a link to a printable PDF of this 10 Q list.  Print it out and dig deep into a question a day, for good purpose proposing practice.  Say that 3 times fast, dare ya!